Sunday, 6 May 2018

More spring checks and training flights

Another day of good soaring brings an almost perfect score for this first weekend in May.

While a team of dedicated owners performed aircraft weighing in the Boudreault hangar with Niall digital scales, the flight operations started early again at Pendleton.

Chris preparing for his second spring check flight

Alex wing runner extraordinaire and new ab-initio student
Spring checks and training flights were on the program for the day. Even if she is not really new to GGC, welcome to Alex Smith as a new ab-initio student in our club.

Sometimes, on spring check flights, the instructor has the chance to ride in the front seat. Hey, look how clean is IFX's canopy! 
Ready to T/O in IFX on 08
It looks like someone got a simulated rope break here?
IFX, Base leg, right hand circuit for 08

Final, 08
It is not always about work at GGC, sometimes we take it easy
Jacques doing business
Because of the shifting winds throughout the day, we did operated on 5 of our 6 runways: 13, 08, 17, 26 and 31.

Two instructors almost ready to go. Yes, the canopy is locked and so are the spoilers...
Ulo and Jeff on a spring check flight

JCZ ready for T/O, wings level

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